Plast-O-Mat® Ribbed Floor Runner

Plast-O-Mat® Ribbed Floor Runner

The Ribs Make the Difference

Warp’s Plast-O-Mat® Ribbed Floor Runner goes down quickly and lays flat, protecting your camper or freshly cleaned carpets from mud and debris. Ribs hold dirt in place until it can be wiped up or carried away.

Available in both clear and white for traditional (30″ x 50′) and clear for bulk (30″ x 100′) . Also available in 25′ long x 30″ wide prepackaged self service clear rolls in 6-pack display carton.

Ask about the 25 foot pre-packaged 30 inch wide clear rolls – in 6-Pack Display Cartons

6-Pack Display Cartons

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by American Workers

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