Jiffy-Cover® Drop Cloths

Warp Bros Drop Cloths

Full Product Line of Shelf Pack Drop Cloths

The All Purpose Plastic Cover – Hundreds of Uses

All Warp’s Jiffy-Cover® drop cloths are specially formulated to open and unfold easily.

Jiffy-Cover® drop cloths help protect against spills, drips, and dust when painting or plastering. A full line of tough, transparent, all purpose drop cloths are available in 9’ x 12’ and 10’ x 20’ sizes and a variety of popular mil thicknesses, from .4 mil to 4 mil, to cover a multitude of uses.

Easy to open and easy to use
Full thickness – Full Honest Weight
Super Tough, fully waterproof
Resists tears and punctures
Made in U.S.A.

American Made

by American Workers

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