Flex-O-Glaze™ Acrylic Safety Glazing


Flex-O-Glaze™ Acrylic Safety Glazing

The Top Choice for Acrylic Safety Glazing

Flex-O-Glaze™ Acrylic Safety Glazing is easy-to-install, weatherproof, crystal clear, and shatter-resistant. Ideal for storm door windows or any glass area. Acrylic Safety Glazing is made with virgin acrylic that won’t turn yellow or become brittle. This powerful material can withstand high pressures and impacts that would shatter glass. Available in four thicknesses: Single Strength; .100-inch; .125-inch; and .250-inch sizes.

Warp’s Flex-O-Glaze™ Acrylic Polish/Cleaner and Acrylic Cutter are very useful in the cutting and cleaning of Flex-O-Glaze™ Safety Acrylic Glazing products.

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