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Warp’s has a full complement of Top Quality Lawn & Garden products from No-Hoe® Garden Mulches and Easy-Grow™ Bonsai Rock Garden 3 mil Weedshield products to Easy-Edge® Landscape Border, Easy-Edge® Lawn Edging and Lawn Border, Rose Collars and Leaf & Lawn Clean-Up Bags.

Warp’s Easy-Edge® Landscape Border

Warp’s Easy-Edge® Landscape Border is heavy and semi-ridge to lay straight along drives and walks or curve gracefully around trees and decorative areas. Available in 5” x 20’ and 5” x 100’ sizes.

Warp’s Easy-Edge® Lawn Edging

Warp’s Easy-Edge® Lawn Edging is flexible, corrugated with ground gripper ribs. Easy to install. Available in two heights and two sizes. Warp’s Lawn Border has a solid edge that creates a neat bed to separate grass from tended areas. Easy to install. Flexible, frost proof design.

Warp’s Rose Collars®

Warp’s Rose Collars® has three white corrugated plastic collars per package. Just snap it around your rosebush, fill with mulch to protect delicate rose grafts from winter freezing. 9” high, 12” diameter.

Warp’s Leaf and Lawn Clean-Up Bags

Warp’s Leaf & Lawn Clean-Up Bags are the same heavy weight and construction as Warp’s Industrial Grade trash Can Liners. Perfect for the garden and yard clean-up.

Made in the USA

Manufacturing on American soil supports local economies and creates thousands of jobs for hardworking Americans. Warp® Bros. proudly produces and manufactures all of our products in the United States.

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