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Warp Bros. is a premier U.S. manufacturer of Genuine, Top Quality extruded polyethylene plastic sheeting, acrylic safety glazing, storm window materials, drop cloths, lawn & garden plastic products, trash can liners, oversized storage bags, ribbed floor runner and ribbed shelf liner for the home and industry.

Please also visit us at Flex-O-Glass Industrial Packaging Films, Warp's Flex-O-Glass Greenhouse Films and Pioneer Village.


When 20 year old Harold Warp chugged his Model T into Chicago from the Nebraska farmlands in 1924 with a patent for Flex-O-Glass® and $800 in his pocket, his hope for the future lay in a special window material he had developed for his family's chicken coops, a desire for success and a willingness to work hard. A storefront factory/living quarters on Chicago's unpaved Cicero Avenue provided the start of Flex-O-Glass and Warp Bros. Today the firm has grown to fill three large plants and place the company among the leaders in the plastics industry.