Warp's Flex-O-Glass Greenhouse Films

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Since 1924, Warp Brothers has produced FLEX-O-GLASS, the FIRST flexible greenhouse covering material. During these past 85 years, Warp Brothers has continued to develop and manufacture films for the agricultural, horticultural and industrial markets to withstand tough outdoor environments.

Warp Brothers manufactures films used in agriculture, horticulture, and many other demanding applications that really put outdoor films to the test. In the process, we've learned quite a bit about making films that last longer. Today, we've used this experience to make Warp's FLEX-O-GLASS 4-Year Greenhouse Films the most durable covering for all your greenhouses.

Because in horticulture, durability and longevity equals cost-effectiveness.

The industry's best film. The industry's best warranty.

It's easy to explain why our 4-Year Promise is the industry's most extensive greenhouse film warranty. We developed Warp's FLEX-O-GLASS 4-Year Greenhouse Films using only top quality materials and the most advanced technologies available. That's why we call our 4-Year Promise "the best coverage you can get."

4-Year Film.

Our Warp's FLEX-O-GLASS Greenhouse Film is anything but ordinary. It's a premium greenhouse film that's setting new standards for performance and durability under a variety of severe environmental conditions.

When you consider all the features we put into it, it's the obvious choice for your greenhouse operations, no matter how big or small.

  • More UV protection - means longer film life because it blocks harmful UV rays that can damage plastic...and your crop.

  • Optimum light transmission - lets more direct growing light in, while keeping harmful UV rays out

  • Special resins - keep it flexible in cold weather, yet stable under hot conditions.

  • Stays cleaner - attracts less dust, washes off easily.

Warp's FLEX-O-GLASS 4-Year IRCC Film.

For colder climates, choose our thermal UV Film with its advanced infrared additive package that helps you save energy and maintain a warmer environment to promote earlier, more rapid plant growth. Our Thermal Film also allows the highest level of diffused growing light. Plus, it offers high P.A.R. light transmission and contains condensate control additives. What more could you ask for?

The most cost-effective films you can buy.

Warp's FLEX-O-GLASS 4-Year Greenhouse Films cost you up to 30% less to use because you'll leave them on at least a year longer than 3-year films. And, because you don't need to change film as frequently, you'll cut your installation costs by a third too.

You'll also reduce waste because we deliver orders in custom lengths and widths in addition to standard sizes. Just think how all these cost-savings can affect your bottom line.

Start getting more value from your film now.

Call your Warp's FLEX-O-GLASS Dealer today and they'll show you how a premium 4-Year Greenhouse Film can give your operation more value for the dollar. Or, call (800) 621-1078 ext. #222 for the location of the dealer nearest you.

Helpful Horticultural Products from Warp Brothers

Warp Brothers offers a number of popular products that are useful for a variety of horticultural applications. Call your dealer for pricing and availability.

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  • Mulch Films

  • Hydroponic Growing Film

  • POLY-COVER Agricultural films in Clear and Black Opaque



Made in U.S.A.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with Warp Bros./Flex-O-Glass, Inc., please call Warp's Human Resources Manager, Mike Saltzman at (773) 261-5200 ext. #206.